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Privileges of Prime Investors

Priority Review
Endorse potential projects
Listing Decision
Influence the result
OK Blockchain Capital
Be the cornerstone investor
Prime Investors Club
Network with other investors


  • 1Not a core member of any token project.

  • 2Owns and locked up 500,000 OKB.

  • 3Experienced, credible, and renowned institutions or individuals in the blockchain industry (media, investment institution/individual, blockchain research institution preferred).


Name (individual/institution)
Assessment standard, allocation & ROR
Point of contact (Name, tel no. and email)
Core Team Info


OKEx launched the "Prime Investors" program on May 10, 2018 (Hong Kong time) to attract more token projects with high qualifications, and construct the first blockchain ecosystem and digital asset trading platform which combines multiple resources including professional investors and blockchain projects.

Prime Investors

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